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If you are looking for - biodegradable plastic, photodegradable plastic, biodegradable polythene, environment friendly plastic, ecofriendly plastic, 100% biodegradable plastic then you are at the RIGHT place !!


    What media Says About Us !
  • The media has also taken note of our invention and has published various articles on this issue. Some quotes from media say -

  • City entrepreneur develops degradable plastic - Green Thumbs, Pune Mid-Day.

  • City Engineer gets award for environment friendly invention - Moving from an anti-rust film to bio-degradable plastic - HERALD EXCLUSIVE, Maharashtra Herald.

  • Invention of 100% Biodegradable Plastic brings a new revolution to Plastic manufacturing industry. - Udyog Bharari

  • A new chemical invented for production of 100% biodegradable plastic - Maharashtra Times.

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