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If you are looking for - biodegradable plastic, photodegradable plastic, biodegradable polythene, environment friendly plastic, ecofriendly plastic, 100% biodegradable plastic then you are at the RIGHT place !!



    Contents of biodegradable plastic are attacked by micro-organisms is soil or compost or sewage lines.

    The molecular weight starts getting reduced, lowering to less than 1000

    Micro-organisms use biofilm as their feed & they multiply being mono cellular organisms

    Significant growth in population of microorganism's & diminishing of bio film is an indication of excellent biodegradation.



    Unlike ordinary plastics this film burns very fast leaving small residues due to unique Carbohydrates / additives present in the film.


    Film gets disintegrated under constant UV radiation like Sunlight into small particles, which in turn get degraded completely by microorganisms under soil.


    Latest technique for fast disposal of organic waste into manure or biofertiliser. This mainly consists of earthworms (vermis), decayed organic waste and strong presence of moisture / water.

    Moist conditions accelerate multiplication of microorganisms which eat into organic waste including biodegradable film and make waste porous. Porous waste is a food for vermis which is eaten at a very fast pace. Vermis multiply due to presence of ample food available and convert entire dump into a fertiliser.


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