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If you are looking for - biodegradable plastic, photodegradable plastic, biodegradable polythene, environment friendly plastic, ecofriendly plastic, 100% biodegradable plastic then you are at the RIGHT place !!

By virtue of an expertise in modified polymer technology and innovativeness in manufacturing specialised poly films, OM Bioplast Pvt. Ltd., an associate company of OM Engineers has come out with a latest product i.e. ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY BIODEGRADABLE PLASTIC MASTERBATCH and Films. Om Engineers specialises in the manufacture of Rust Preventive (VCI) LDPE and Antistatic polythene bags/sheets and rolls. These products have been well accepted by large customers for packing their precious goods. All products manufactured currently confirm to International and Domestic standards. Products have been tested and certified by India's topmost Govt. Laboratories like ARAI, TECH INSTITUTE, NCL etc. "ZERO DEFECT" concept is fully implemented.

We are currently catering to developed countries like Japan, Italy, Europe etc. to assist promotion of biodegradable, environment friendly plastic material.

A film of any size and thickness on any conventional machine can be made without incorporating any changes in the existing process anywhere in the world. All manufacturers can use this product in their intermediate process keeping there existing setup as it.


    MASTERBATCH can be used in the manufacturing process of following             products

    Carry Bags / Shopping Bags.
    Industrial and Consumer Packing.
    Food Packaging
    Garbage Disposal - Organic Waste
    Lamination Films.
    Shrink Films.
    Injection moulded products like cups, dishes, spoons etc.
    Mulching Film for agriculture.
   Who Can Use ?
    Manufacturers of Plastic Sheets / Bags/ Rolls / Injection Moulded      products.
    Hospitals, various part manufacturers, individuals, garbage      disposal agencies, hotels, supermarkets.


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