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  • Product being carbohydrate based, it has a tendency to absorb moisture from atmosphere. Due care has to be taken by not exposing Masterbatch directly to atmosphere. We take precautions by packing it into double lined HDPE bags & it can be fed to hopper without any preheating. However in case of any moisture build up, it is highly essential to remove moisture either by heating it in oven or passing Masterbatch through high speed mixer. Period of drying can vary due to different humidity Levels. Moisture can be checked by subjecting sample to weight loss method prior to use.

  • Temperatures should not exceed 150 c degrees. Die face temp should be lower by at least 10 degrees than last zone of barrel. Also, hopper side temp should be kept to less than 100 degrees for better mixing & homogenization. For faster cooling, max. air should be provided from air rings.

  • In case where coloured final product is to be manufactured, compatibility of colour Masterbatch has to be checked by loading min, to max. Normally, up to 3% there is no problem observed in processing. Colour masterbatch should have organic pigments otherwise degradation may not be good.

  • Loading of Masterbatch can vary from 15% to 40% depending upon period of degradation. For Fast degradation (i.e. Less than three month in Vermi Composting) 30% is ideal. For slow degradation (i.e. ten to twelve month) or Incineration 15% is sufficient. Balance resin should be LLDPE only having MFI ranging from 1.0 to 2.0. LLDPE blend offers better strength allowing processing of bio film with lower thickness.

    MASTERBATCH can be used in the manufacturing process of following             products
    Carry Bags / Shopping Bags.
    Industrial and Consumer Packing.
    Food Packaging
    Garbage Disposal - Organic Waste
    Lamination Films.
    Shrink Films.
    Injection moulded products like cups, dishes, spoons etc.
    Mulching Film for agriculture.
   Who Can Use ?
    Manufacturers of Plastic Sheets / Bags/ Rolls / Injection Moulded      products.
    Hospitals, various part manufacturers, individuals, garbage      disposal agencies, hotels, supermarkets.


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